Your Memory Doesn't Work Like You Think It Does: The Archival Metaphor of Memory

Too make the most of our memory we need to understand how it works. Trouble is, we don't. In this article we explore how we think about memory and how abandoning the archival metaphor of memory will unleash the full power of memory.

Do You Want to Be More Creative? Just Write

Common wisdom says that you need to be inspired to create, but research has shown that to be wrong. Here is what the evidence says about how to be perpetually inspired.

What Computer Programmers Can Teach Us About How to Fix Our Lives

A bug is anything in your life that holds you back, and you discover what your bugs are by doing a bug hunt. In this article I explain how to do a bug hunt in your life.

How to Use Your Adblocker to Stop Getting Distracted and Regain Your Focus

There's a war going on for your mind, and there's a little top you can use to fight back - Your adblocker. Learn how you can use your adblocker to stop getting distracted and regain your focus.

The Must-Have Add-Ons to Make the Most Out of Anki

These add-ons will help you make the most out of Anki.

5 Simple Tips to Turn Anki into a Habit You Don't Fall Out Of

Use these five simple tips to turn doing your daily reviews in Anki a habit that you don't fall out of.

A Gentle Introduction on How to Use Anki to Improve Your Memory

In this gentle introduction you will learn how to use Anki to improve you memory and better remember what you learn with the power of spaced repetition.

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